Tamara LaBombard CPA

Not everyone is good at managing money, which can cause a lot of stress and lead to disadvantages in the long run. Tamara LaBombard is working hard to reduce the stress of money management, as well as making your personal needs a top priority for her business.

Tamara LaBombard CPAMrs. LaBombard runs a Texas Certified Public Accounting Firm centered in the Killeen area to provide services such as tax preparation, payroll, and accounting services for local citizens in need of more help. Unlike a major corporation, Mrs. LaBombard puts your needs first, ensuring a trusting relationship between the client and corporation that leads to great service and care.

One of the ways in which Tamara LaBombard creates such a strong client relationship is through her dedicated and trained staff members. The staff working for Mrs. LaBombard all work together to ensure no deadlines are missed and each client is helped fitting their needs. Working as a team, Mrs. LaBombard and her staff are able to brainstorm solutions as well as generate new ideas. Because each client is different, the staff's ab ility to figure out the best solutions is essential, and a skill in which Mrs. LaBombard guarantees in all her employees. 

Tamara LaBombard's love for puzzles played a major factor in her interest and career decision in becoming a certified public accountant. Accounting and tax preparation is much like a jigsaw  puzzle in that all the aspects must fit together in order to succeed. Mrs. LaBombard's love for analytical thinking can be seen in her work, as she provides a high level of skill in finding the best solution for your money management problems. Public accounting is more than just a service Mrs. Labombard can provide, but a passion in which excellence is the goal.

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